Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cute As A Rat With A Cupcake

I just love rats. At night, I like to curl up in my bed with a good book and my two rats. By the way, I just finished reading Rosie by Anne Lamott. Excellent book, Anne Lamott is so wonderfully funny. There are no rats in it, but, I can’t have everything now can I. So, as I was saying, I like to curl up with a good book and a couple of rats. My rats, Cathy and Lyra, love this. They run all over the bed, make tunnels in the bedclothes, and try to distract me from my book as much as possible. Lyra is more into tunneling, but Cathy loves to spend time getting between me and my book. Literally. She will hop onto the pages of my book and stand to face me, placing her little hands on my face. From this perch on my book, she likes to groom me. She pulls at my hair, looks up my nose, and gives me a good ole' fashion bath. 
Her favorite thing however, is to grab my bottom lip in her little hands, and pull. I don't know what she gets out of this, but it you've ever had a rat holding on to your lip for dear life and tugging, you'll realize that it isn't benefiting you. It is at about this point that I carefully remove her little hands, lift her off my book, and continue reading. She'll generally run around with Lyra for a bit, and then they'll both be back, tugging at the corners of my book. And I will sigh, replace my bookmark, and set the book aside. Then I wrestle with them with my hand. I let them pin my hand down, letting the digits hang limp, until my little ratties start licking me- then it’s time for another round, and another loss for me.

They get bored with me fairly quickly and run off under the covers together. Then I take my book back out and manage to get a few pages read before they begin to tickle my toes, or that sensitive spot right behind my knee. Ratties are excellent ticklers- it's a wonder that I get any reading done at all. But, in between giggling, and jerking my toes away from inquisitive hands, I usually manage a couple of chapters every night. But any rat induced tickling won’t last long, they tickle, and then they get out of there- ZOOM!

Cathy and a Cupcake (and Lyra being a creeper) 

Rats are always on the move. This makes taking pictures of them extremely difficult. It takes a lot of cream cheese (their favorite treat) to get a rat to look in the right direction, and forget about a pose lasting for more than three seconds. When I set out to photograph my girls, I load up on snacks (for the models) and plan on taking about five hundred photos. I get a lot of pictures of tails, and furry little butts. If one rat is looking at me, chances are, the other one isn’t. Somethimes they're missing from the photo entirely - they're speedy little buggers. I’ll usually get about ten good pictures from a shoot, with a front facing, in focus rat. It doesn’t help that I’m not a photographer- I have no idea what I’m doing. 

So, I take my photos, and I paint them. With paint, I can put in all the personality that I know is there, but didn’t get captured in the picture. And I can add color, lots of color! This is a recent painting- I finished it last week and it is for sale in my Etsy Shop

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