Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have been knitting a scarf since Christmas. I like toknit, it keeps my hands busy. I always have to be doing something. Homework,painting, writing, something. Sometimes it sounds so good to just sit on mybutt and watch Monty Python or the Stargate. But I can’t just sit there. So I knit
The funny thing about knitting and watching TV, is that I alwaysremember what I was watching when I knitted it. Even years later. This scarfthat I just finished, it saw Cloud Atlas twice. Have you ever seen that movie?I love that film. Every time I watch it I discover something new- It’s excitingevery time. And there are still things that confuse me, and that’s great. Ialways have something to learn next time.

Cleo loves watching TV. She comes and sits on the back ofthe couch and bats my head occasionally, asking me to pet her. I have to leanback and contort my arm to comply. It would be so much easier if she sat on mylap. But, she’s a cat.

The rats don’t really watch TV, but they love to hand out onthe couch. I have lots of blankets for them to burrow in. They like to playwith the yarn. They like to play with the yarn more than Cleo. What’s up withthat? I thought cats were supposed to LOVE yarn.

But back to the scarf. Everything was just dandy until itcame to the buttonholes. Now, the buttonholes weren't in the original pattern. ButI just had to have buttons. Buttons are great and all, but buttonholes are fromhell. This was my first attempt at buttonholes. It took me two you-tube videos,and two hours of knitting and re-knitting the same row. They aren't even in theright spot. I don’t care.

For those of you interested in this pattern, here it is:


  1. so pretty! the scarf! the rat, too!
    I know what you mean by remembering what you were watching when knitting something. When I'm painting a room, I'll listen to audio books. I can still remember exactly what I was painting while listening to My Loosing Season by Pat Conroy.

  2. Love the rat pictures and the scarf. Love, love, LOVE!!

  3. Cleo is really cute! The scarf is so pretty, love the color you chose!