Thursday, January 3, 2013

Midnight Snacks In The Dead Of Night

In celebration of the commencement of October, here is a photo of Cathy and Some Pumpkins! 

School is back in session. I remember being really really excited about school starting when I was little. I’d be jazzed up for weeks, impatient for the commencement of the next school year. I would be so excited the night before that I couldn’t get to sleep, and then I would wake up hours earlier than I had to. I’d have my new school clothes all ready; I think I would have slept in them if I could have. Things have changed. On the eve of this first day, I slumped into bed when I got home from work and slept in 'till the last possible moment. When my alarm clock went off, there was not a trace of excitement, just that sinking realization that I had to get up. You know the one. And so my first day of a new school year started not in a whirl of excitement, but in a groggy haze.

At the end of my first day, I found myself slumped on my couch, wallowing in self pity and despair. All the things I had to do were racing through my mind. There’s my forty hour a week day job, all my Etsy stuff, the commission I’m working on, all the reading I had just been assigned, the internship I had to find and apply for, the dishes stacked up in the sink, the two inches of cat hair coving the floors that needed to be vacuumed, the shower I desperately needed to take…. It was at this moment, that I was sure I was about to spiral down to rock bottom, that I heard Adele. To be more specific, it was “Someone Like You”. (for those of you unfamiliar with the musical genius that is Adele, this is a very sad and depressing song).

For a moment, I thought I had lost it. This was it. I was officially bonkers. I was imaging a soundtrack to my life. No doubt, someday soon, someone would begin narrating my every move (preferably Morgan Freeman) and I would start breaking out in song during emotional moments. Then I realized that it was coming from downstairs. My downstairs neighbors had turned on the radio. I looked over at Cleo and laughed. She peered down at me haughtily from her perch on the book shelf as if she had known all along. She probably did. Laughing, I got my butt up off the couch, pulled out a textbook, and started to read.

Cleo, Peering Down From Her Perch

My first reading assignment was Beowulf. Now, I’m not going to bore you all with a long analysis of Beowulf, but I do want to touch on the subject of neighbors. Now Hrothgar sure has some lousy neighbors. A living arrangement where your neighbor comes in the dead of night to crash your sleepover and eat your party guests after tearing them limb from limb is far from ideal. And while I’m not going to condone Grendal’s midnight snacking, I will admit that I can see his side of things. I mean, Hrothgar goes and builds this hall, and then has all of these big noisy gatherings, who wouldn’t get a little upset? Maybe Grendal was a light sleeper. And I know when I get woken up in the middle of the night I’m usually ready for a snack. Grendal also seems like the lonely type- he does live with his mother after all.  Imagine being woken up by the merrymaking of others when you are an outcast. So while I realize I should be rooting for Beowulf and booing Grendal, I seem to have a soft spot for the bugger. Maybe it’s because I’ve had noisy neighbors too.

In my previous living situation, I must admit that the thought of ripping my neighbors limb from limb in the dead of night did cross my mind. Now, if I had been asleep, as I should have been in the dead of night, the thought would never have crossed my mind. But awake I was, due to the nightly fights my neighbors had, and I was grumpy. Not grumpy enough to fly into a homicidal rage, but as I said before, I can see why Grendal snapped.

Luckily, my current neighbors are great. The ones downstairs have excellent taste in music, and my neighbors across the way, well, they’re very quiet. The neighbors across the way are sedentary types; I never hear a peep out of ‘em! In fact, they’re the best neighbors I’ve ever had!! 

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