Friday, February 8, 2013

A Walk In The Woods


Don't you just love walks? I love being out with the dog. Alasse and I are very fortunate to live in an area abundant with dog friendly trails. Now, Alasse loves walks even more than I do. She goes nuts when I say the word, and when we get in the car, she knows exactly where we are going. 
Alasse, asking me to throw the stick
Alasse's first order of business is always to find an appropriate stick. She  loves sticks as much as she loves walks. The only thing she loves more than sticks and walks, and lets not forget balls, is smelly shit. Her all time favorite smelly item is turkey poop. And let me tell you, that stuff is SMELLY. Lucky for me, we didn't come across any this morning, but she did find something to roll in. I don't know what it was, but the odor is much milder than turkey poop, so I'll take it. 

Alasse, begging

Besides, if you look like this, it doesn't really matter if your covered in shit, you'll get away with anything.
Alasse is faster than me

The great thing about our walks is that Alasse covers twice the ground I do. She runs out ahead until I call her back. When I do, she turns around and runs at me full force, ears flapping in the wind. Then, as soon as she reaches me, she's off again. This is wonderful for me, because when we get home, she'll take a nap and I can get some work done. 

Alasse and the stick of the day
 But back to the stick. Once she selects one of good quality, she brings it right over to me. I throw it for her for a while, but when my arm gets tired, she won't just leave it, she'll carry it for the rest of the walk. When we get back down the hill, she'll want to take the stick in the car.

Remember what I said about the nap? Well, after she watched me eat my lunch (she stares and whimpers like I haven't fed her in years) she headed straight for the couch. She always waits for me to lift up the blanket for her, and once I do she settles in and snoozes. Ah, the good life. 

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