Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Science of Sleeping Dogs

I think we need to add a new field to the sciences. I have something that needs to be studied.

Alasse has two sleep modes: Nap Mode, and The Long Haul.
Now, when Alasse is in Nap Mode, she curls up into a perfect little ball, reducing her body mass by at least half. How does she do this? Or, the better question, why won’t she do this at night??

And then there’s The Long Haul.

Now, Alasse likes to sleep under the covers, with her head on the pillow. Once I get her out of My spot, things are generally okay. Okay, not just Okay, they’re perfect. I’ve got my space, she’s got hers. We cuddle. She curls up underneath my arm. Sometimes we spoon.

And like I said, everything is perfect. For a while. But eventually things get less and less perfect, because this is when Alasse starts to grow. Because you see, during The Long Haul, she expands to twice her size, taking up two thirds or more of the bed, and almost all of the covers.

So I’m putting it out into the universe. Someone needs to study the science of sleeping dogs and get back to me.