Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who Let The Cat Out Of The Bag?

Cleo Lovin' On Her Paper Bag

Have you ever noticed how much cats love paper bags? The sit on them, sleep on them, crawl in them, bat them with their paws.

I bought two tubs of ice cream the other day, yes two. Mint chip and chocolate peanut butter if you must know. Anyways, as usual, I had forgotten my cloth bags. I should leave them in car, I know this. But after I bring up my groceries, on the rare occasion when I remember to bring them, I just leave them in the apartment. On these occasions I think to myself, I’ll remember to take those down to the car tomorrow. This hardly ever happens, which is how it came to pass that I brought my ice cream home in a paper bag.
When I got home, I set the paper bag on the floor while I rummaged around in the freezer, making space. By the time I managed to squeeze in the tubs, just enough to shut the door quickly, my paper bag had been commandeered.

Cleo, Utilizing The Bag For A Bed

I don’t know what it is about paper bags that cats love so much. There must be something there that I just can’t see. She’ll crawl inside and then poke her head out warily, surveying the kitchen before slowly retreating back into the dark recesses of her paper cavern. Sometimes she stays there, curled up inside. Other times she settles down, half out of the bag and watches me. Still other times, she sits on top of it. Sometimes she doesn’t sit at all, on or in, but splays with it. She’ll bat it with her paw, or stalk it stealthily before pouncing. The possibilities are endless. 

Cleo In Her Paper Cavern of Possibilities 


  1. My youngest cat is the same way! But she doesn't discriminate for paper bags -plastic, party bags, cloth bags, book bags... if it's a bag, it's all hers haha Love that last picture you took, absolutely adorable!

  2. I wish I saw her I there! She runs away when she see me. :(