Monday, March 18, 2013

Emerald City Jewelry

Today's featured Artist's are Emily and Moise from Emerald City Custom Jewelry.  You can play with the design, or just choose your own custom colors! I love this idea- especially because I always want jewelry with complementary colors, which is so hard to find!!!

How did you get started making jewelry?

 I had always had an interest in jewelry making in addition to fine art. I had a tendency to doubt my ability to learn jewelry making so I didn't really start making jewelry in earnest until about 2 years ago. I quickly realized I had a natural talent for it and was very eager to learn as much as I could. Before I knew it I was making new pieces daily. Once I get a hold of a new craft I love, I go into hyper-drive until I learn it perfectly. My husband Moise and I decided to start a fully personalized jewelry service because we are both fans of any product you can customize.

Who or what is your inspiration?
I am definitely inspired by painting, drawing, and mixed media art. I have a preference for big, bold, abstract art that is very colorful. I approach jewelry making very much from a color and composition standpoint since painting is my first love. I like natural gemstones because they just have a different energy about them. I like making pieces that are unique and interesting but that anyone can wear. I am not a fashionista so it's important my pieces are very wearable. My passion for entrepreneurship definitely comes from my grandfather who started his own printing business in Missouri in 1966. My uncle and cousin still run the business. My grandfather was a hobby photographer in addition to a printer so I probably get some of my artistic flair from him.

What is your favorite part of your creating process?
I like actually making the piece - I don't necessarily have a plan in place before I start making a piece of jewelry. I edit and add along the way which is really fun. I like trying something out and then standing back and thinking "I don't know if that color works, let me try something else" - finding the perfect fit of beads and accents is really exciting.

Do you have any special routines?
I'll admit I tend to work on jewelry while indulging in my reality TV habit. I take producing quality jewelry very seriously, but it's also very fun and relaxing for me - else I wouldn't do it!

 Tell us about your pets!
I'm an animal lover, maybe a bit obsessed with animal rescue. My husband and I own 2 rabbits - Miranda and Martie. We also have a cat, Nina and a guinea pig named Murphy. Lastly, we have a gorgeous beta fishy named Polly. All our pets are rescues with the exception of our fish Polly - unless you consider we probably "rescued" her from the pet store.

Do you have any social media links?
On Twitter, I am EmilyMakesArt and Moise is Motoons

Anything else that you want to share?
Moise and I both have a true passion for custom work. I've always enjoyed making items specifically to a customer's needs. I don't seem to have the ego-attachment to a certain design or vision like some artists (though having such an attachment is certainly not a bad thing) so I'm truly happy creating whatever the customer wants. If I can make it happen, I will! I'm inspired by Moise's passion for customer service, it's his natural inclination to help people.

Are there any coupon codes or promotions you have going on?
Until April 2nd, if you like our Facebook page AND get a friend to like our page, you both will get a free pair of earrings mailed directly to you. Visit our FB page for more details!

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