Friday, March 15, 2013

Lake Time

Swimming after a stick
 Alasse loves the lake. Well, let me re-phrase that. Alasse loves chasing sticks or balls or shoes. I take her to the lake a lot because it is excellent exercise, and she has an incredible amount of energy. She would love to chase sticks on land even more, but she has had a  ligament injury in the past, so the quick stops she makes when chasing things on land are not good for her. So we go to the lake. Now, when she goes out after the stick, she is completely fine. She's a focused, strong, swimmer; shes got her eyes on the target. 

Headed back!
Coming back to land, that's a different story. Once she has her stick (or ball) she suddenly realizes where she is and says "Oh Crap!" She whines and whimpers all the way back. 

Solid ground under my feet!
And once she has solid ground under her feet, she forgets all about it and has only one thing on her mind.

Coming in hot
That one thing is, of course, that she wants me to through the stick again, and again. 
Please, Please, Please throw the stick?
I always ask her if she is sure, "do you really want me to throw the stick?" And she always insists that I throw it one more time, and we start the whole process over again, that is of course, until I have succeeded in tiring her out. 

Lake time means bath time. Alasse isn't especially fond of bath time, but she LOVES to be blow dried. She sits through the entire bath patiently, because she knows that at the end, after I towel her off, I will bring out the blow dryer. Not only does she expect to be blow dried after her bath time, she expects to be blow dried after my bath time too. Every morning when I blow dry my hair, she waits at my feet for her turn.

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