Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cats and Dogs

This is my cat. Her name is Cleo.

As much as I love her, most of the time she really isn't very nice. There are moments of course. Moments when she jumps up into my lap and purrs. Moments when she curls up on my pillow at night and cuddles. But these moments inevitably end with her biting me. Sometimes she slaps me. And no matter how much I try to kid myself, I still end up having to warn house guests not to touch the cat.

But sometimes even the warnings aren't enough. There have been a few recorded incidents where she attacked someone in the bathroom in the middle of the night. But we won’t get into that. Today I want to talk about Cleo’s relationship with Alasse. Now, despite her feline heritage, Cleo is the top dog in our little family.

In most instances she simply ignores Alasse. She walks by her as if she wasn’t even there. And all Alasse wants to do is play. She begs, every day. Please, please play with me. If she does this begging from a safe distance, Cleo will simply walk on by.  But more often than not, her attempts to engage Cleo in some friendly tussling result in her getting just a little too close. This is the point when Cleo smacks her. Right across the nose.

This smacking does not phase Alasse one bit. Sometimes Cleo smacks her three, four times. Alasse just sits there, begging. Please, please won’t you play with me. But recently, the dynamics have changed. One day, after Cleo had been smacking her for some time, Alasse had a realization.

This is the game.

She sat up and held up her paw in the air, just like she does when she gives me a high five. Cleo did not reciprocate, nor did she approve of this new development. Instead, she hissed. This was a response that greatly puzzled Alasse, who was now not so sure about things. Maybe this wasn't the game. It was then that Alasse had another realization. Maybe this is the game. Alasse swung her paw down in a slow arc, a swipe that Cleo avoided easily. 

Cleo was not amused.

She hissed, and ran into the closet. 

I don’t get it.

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  1. Love this post! Your pets are so cute!

  2. Your posts are hilarious. Love the paintings!