Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Revenge of the Rats

Alasse loves rats. She loves them. And yes, I know what you are thinking, but when I say she loves them, I do not mean that she loves to eat them. I mean she loves them loves them. They’re her friends.
The rats, Cathy and Lyra, they like Alasse too. But they are also aware of just how much Alasse loves them, so they play with that a little.

First, the taunting.
Alasse and Cathy have a special little bond. It’s Cathy that does most of the taunting. Come get me, she says through the bars. And Alasse is always asking Cathy to play, and while Cathy pretends to consider, she only wrestles with rats her own size. But Alasse will sit in front of their cage and keep asking. She can watch the rats for hours. It’s like T.V. for dogs.
Now, when the rats are out and about, Alasse gets even more excited. She’ll put her head up to the table or couch, and they will come up and check her out. They like to groom her, shine up her nose, check out her eyeballs. And if they are feeling really adventurous, they’ll hop right on. Whenever this happens, Alasse immediately goes cross eyed, trying to keep the rat on her head in sight. Then they’re off, running down her back and she has no idea what’s going on.

Where’d they go?
For a minute or too, Alasse won’t be too sure about being a living jungle gym. The rats may choose to bail and take sanctuary on my easel, or perhaps the filing cabinet. But if they hang on, Alasse will adjust, and accept that she’s just going to have to act as transportation. And Alasse is very good about her role in their fun. She’ll give them a ride around the apartment, or just stand and crane her neck back so she can watch them groom themselves, or her butt.
The best part about these rat adventures is that they get even with Alasse for me. You see, Alasse has a superpower. She is able to get her tongue all the way down my ear without fail, every time. She has excellent aim. I’m pretty sure she licks my brain. This makes me squirm. It makes me squirm just thinking about it. So I am always very pleased when the rats do the same exact thing to her. It’s usually Lyra. Lyra is good at that.   

What is that?

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