Sunday, June 2, 2013

Eden Loves To Pee

My Name Is Eden And I  Love To Pee

Alasse has a friend named Eden who loves to pee. When we go on walks together, Eden pees on everything she can. Take a few steps, take a pee, a few more steps, let’s pee again! This drives Alasse nuts.

This drives Alasse nuts because Alasse has to pee on all other dog pee. If another dog pees, she has to pee on it, immediately. She sniffs out the past pees with vigor and excitement, but nothing compares to peeing on fresh pee. When she sees Eden squatting down, it’s on. She off, and she’s gonna pee on that pee no matter what.

So, as Eden is happily peeing on everything, a few drops here, a few drops there, Alasse is frantically trying to pee on all of Eden’s Pees. Now, both dogs are quickly running out of available urine. But when it runs out? No need to panic! They’ll just squat and pretend! Because if you can’t actually mark your territory, at least pretend and fool your friends!  

Stop Peeing!!!
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  1. LOL! Too funny... I have 3 dogs.... Tinkle tinkle!
    Love your art!

  2. Love it!. Pretend to Great story and fabulous work too:)